Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can you cook?

I can cook. I can cook some downright delicious things. Even complicated stuff. So can someone explain why I always burn grilled cheese sandwiches? It's a phenomenon around my home. It doesn't matter what time of day, or if I'm super busy or it's quiet. I burn grilled cheese sandwiches. Today for lunch, the menu had grilled ham & cheese. I had to perform a little surgery in order for the kids to get their lunches. Fortunately, I didn't use the last slice of bread, and the repair was possible! I didn't take pictures, because I am embarrassed at how bad it was. I did NOT set off the fire alarm though. Too bad, in a way, because I need to do our monthly fire drill!

Here is what was left of the poundcake yesterday morning. It disappeared fast.

I was kind of dreading going to class last night. I had had a headache for most of the day (cold..sinus, something). I took ibuprofen a few times to make it better, which had no effect. However, I had a good time at class. I learned a few good things, even! I got to giggle and commiserate with a few ladies who do the same thing I do. (the hot topic was our licensing consultant...we think she needs prayer:). I even got to have dinner out. Ok, that is exaggerating. I got a ranch BLT from Mc'Donalds on the way to campus. But, and this is big...I didn't have to share my fries with anyone!

I guess it looks like I need to share some recipes with my frinds again, huh Apple?
I hope everyone's day is going great!
Please, if there is something simple that you can totally ruin...let me know so I don't feel so bad!


Apple said...

I'm a pretty good cook myself...not Iron Chef material. But, if you give me a recipe, you've got a dish.

But, without fail, everytime I boil boils over...big mess on the stove...every single stinkin time.

Fishy Girl said...

This one is easy for me-gravy. The first year that we were married, I told my DH that we were going to have cube steak for dinner. I made the steak and when I went to make the gravy, I wound up with grease and flour water...YUM!

Mommy B said...

I am a pretty good cook - not to be snotty, but I do a good job with 'from scratch' stuff. What I tend to mess up with is microwave oatmeal. Everytime I cook it it boils over and sticks to the turntable. Now, I just buy the big canister (cheaper by far anyway) and do it on the stove. Takes about 4 minutes instead of 1 but it doesn't create the mess that takes 10 minutes to clean up. Plus I can modify it at will. sometimes I add the Pampered Chef flavored sprinkles, sometimes raisins, dates, walnuts, cinnamon and brown sugar, sometimes fresh peaches and sugar, sometimes . . . . oh well, the list can stretch as far as the imagination will allow.

Today I am making homemade sloppy joe sauce in my mini crock pot for dinner tonight.

I love to cook!

snippity1 said...

Thanks for boosting my spirits...if Apple can mess up pasta water...surely my grilled cheese isn't so bad. Oh, wait. I boil pasta water over, too. Now as for gravy...I use the powder packets. I'm too scared to try the real thing mine would probably be burnt grease & flour water! Fishy you make homemade gravy any better now? In other words, is there hope? Mommy B, I have a hint about that microwave oatmeal if you're interested, because I used to boil it over too!

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