Saturday, July 31, 2010


Princess Leia is a teenager...and she has done this to my family:
In case you are not alive & breathing...this is Justin Beiber. The teenage princess in my house has a crush on this guy. Bigtime. She played his music so much that the other two kids now love him too. I kind of thought that with said princess spending most of the summer with her dad, I wouldn't have to listen to him for a while.
This would be wrong. On the way to a magic show last night, my two kids and a friend made me listen!!! Isn't technology wonderful, so you can use an SD card and play it in your nintendo dsi, laptops, Wii system and even in the new radio in our van. Yay, us! :-/ :)

Trying something new

Ok, so I've had this 'smartphone' for one year and two months. I use it for all kinds of neat things...but who knew there was a blogging app? Maybe I will have a minute with my phone in hand to share more frequently! So now I can text, facebook, pandora, solitaire, weather channel, calculate, create ringtones and more.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alaska....was fantastic

The view from behind the church where we worked

I took a trip to Alaska recently, to work at a church, helping with VBS. It was gorgeous. I could totally move there. Here are a few pics to show you just a little of the area. The pics do NOT even begin to do the scenery any justice. Mountains, snow, pointy trees, glaciers, lakes & more. The people were so welcoming, & fun! There were quite a few who's accents sounded entirely too much like a certain politician. The plane rides were long, but worth it!
"Rainbow Ridge"
Water, clouds & sky...and I think a beaver dam in there somewhere :)

VBS was great

Of course, I am only telling you about it over a week late. We made tons of snacks and preschool lunches. Fun times, everything went rather smoothly. All the daycare kiddos came out & were well cared for while I was working. We enjoyed Saddle Ridge Ranch! Next year's theme? New York City! I just happen to be going on a trip there really soon! Maybe I can find some good inspiration for "authentic" city food!

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