Sunday, January 23, 2011


I still have 1 living great grandmother. She and I are not particularly close, but I have some fond memories. She is my father's grandmother.

She has had cancer in the past and has been living in a nursing facility first for rehabilitation after surgery and then due to her Alzheimers. Now her cancer has returned and she in in the hospital listed as terminal.

She has her children and some grandchildren and other family at the hospital with her, and they say she is resting, but not really responding to them much.

I'm sad...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bargains at HT

Harris Teeter has been doing super doubles this week. I've gone twice so far.
My favorite deals were:
Ziploc XXL bags (pack of 3)for free {I love these bags!}
Ziploc sandwich and freezer bags for 1.50 each
HV Ranch dressing double packets for .95 each
16oz Coffee Creamer for .39
2 pounds frozen broccoli florets 1.75
Pudding cup snack pack (4 pack) for .50 each
French's honey mustard dipping sauce for free (new item for us...tried it is good!)
Coke 2 liters for 1.17

I don't always do great keeping up with my coupons, but even if I do this once or twice a year, it still saves some $$$!

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