Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beach view

I was mowing the grass and getting ready to take a swim in our pool when I got a call from Mr. S. He was missing a part he needed to finish up a house and asked me to run it over to him.  I figured I should make the most out of a trip across the bridge, and gathered up the kids and the beach bag. The water is a little chilly but very clear. Enjoy the view from my beach umbrella!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beating the heat

Headed out to a beach near our house. We have a pool, but the kids love it here more! I think they like it because other kids show up to play as well. Also, I am not allowed to take daycare children in our pool, but I can bring them to the beaches!

Sorted and stored

I get a ton of hand me down clothes for the youngest girl. (Totally awesome, by the way.)  The bad part is that we get them at random times, not necessarily coordinating with what size baby girl needs. Also, we have decent closets...but not enough to hold all these things. They had been piling up in our classroom/spare room. Then got shuffled to the dining room and finally to my room in random stages of sorting size and season. Today, I finally made it through them all and got them into bins in the attic! I am so happy I can see my bedroom floor again...and I should be able to find the clothes when we need them. What a relief! Not pictured are the 5 bags of things that were too small or not our taste. We pass them to another girl when we are done. So blessed!

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