Tuesday, October 28, 2008

at that point

I am there. At that point in the semester where I begin to feel overwhelmed. I get bogged down, and am delayed on turning in a few assignments. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel...but it is an awfully small pinhead right now. Of course, I do have a wonderful professor who is very understanding about students that have families and jobs :) (I don't think she reads here, haha, maybe I should send her a link?)

It is also the time to decide what to register for next semester. The contract I am under only requires that I have a minimum of 3 more hours before August (easy). They pay for most of the expense. But, I get thinking how many semesters it would take to finish this degree if I only took one class at a time. So, then I think I can do way more than I should. So...I am leaning towards taking one really easy class...at least this time. Of course, none of them are too hard intellectually for me...just time consuming. That's what I'll do...Unless I change my mind again!

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smartbutnotwise said...

just make sure to only take one easy class next summer if you take any at all!

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