Sunday, October 5, 2008


I had the opportunity to attend a football game at my old high school. This was the second game I remember going to since that time. I went to one about 6 years ago, too. This time, there were so many changes! Since then, the school had grown and was split when a new building was completed in another part of our county. This school building had been remodeled. It looks the same from the front (pretty much). But move around to the side, and it was so changed. A lot of little changes that made abig difference. At least the field was in the same place!

Some other things were very similar. All the kids going constantly up & down the bleachers. People wearing their school colors and cheering out. The kids' socializing down by the concession stand (which was different, but so much better!).

I was part of this organization, back in the day...they are smaller than when I was there, but still sounded nice.

And isn't it always nice to go to a home game when the home team wins?

My seatmate (the quarterback's mom) and I were glad the other team at least got one TD. Can you tell we've had kids on losing teams before?

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Apple said...

It's also nice for the coach's wife when the team wins one. :)

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