Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tasty Thursday *small edit*

I did this bread last week, but saved it to share with you today. This is banana bread.

I LOVE banana bread. One of my friends brings me a couple of overripe bananas once in a while. She brought some on a day when I had a couple as well, and that calls for~ a double batch! I do not share my banana bread recipe, because, well, it is top secret. But it is good! It is moist, and yum yum sweet. I do not usually add nuts, but you could if you wanted. This recipe is all from scratch, but I have used a recipe that starts with white cake mix in the past(and that is pretty good, too). So, hope you enjoy the looks of the treat today, it tasted great!
*edited to add*These are mini loaves. I am also pretty bad at overcooking the regular size. My double batch makes about 6 of these. They are 5 inches by 2.5 inches. The wells on the pan are about 1.5 inches deep, but this bread rises, and the finished loaf is about 3 inches at the peak. This is perfect for the bread ministry project I bake for at church. Also, it is just the right size for giveaways!
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Apple said...

I haven't mastered the art of big banana bread loaves. I generally overcook the big loaves...the mini-loaves, however, I have gotten down to an art. Which works fine, because then I can give them away and they don't sit in the house calling my name. :)

Chelle Nicole said...

Hi Miss Snippity!

Long time no blog stalking! Thanks for checking and commenting on my blog, and making it easy to find you again! Reading through your past posts, I can understand and empathize with some of your struggles. I too hate parent teacher conferences, due to the fact that one of my child has issues too. And, I love Disneyland. It is truly the happiest place on earth. But, I am amazed at your ability to cook and even post about it! Your family must be so blessed to have you! My family is lucky if the mac n cheese from the box turns out good!

God bless you!

*carrie* said...

Mmmm, I love banana bread, too. Well, any muffin-type baked good! I usually make a different kind each week for breakfasts.

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