Friday, October 3, 2008

Miss your tasty thursday?

One of my 'gal pals' decided to step up and host her own delicious episode of Tasty Thursday . She also used peaches, Yum Yum! Check out her creation here. Thanks Mommy B.

I also am not going to have a spare minute to make anything creative or fun no surprise delight from me. Check back this upcoming Thursday, I'll be sure to have something good to present.

Other stuff: I ran out to do an errand today. I was pleased to see my son's school class walking on their way to the "post office" field trip. I was not able to find a substitute for me so that I could accompany them. I didn't want to bring the other kids and try to keep up with them at the same time. Plus, the last time I went to his classroom, I had a couple of younger kids with me, and it embarrassed him because "none of my friends' moms bring little kids with them." After talking with him some more, it came out that he was afraid that all his friends thought he had bunches of little siblings.(and so what if he that embarrassing???) So, I did not even beep at them while I drove by when I saw them today.


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