Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word-full Wednesday

I've seen several other blogs use a picture to represent their words for Wednesday posts. I'm not doing that today...but I may start that later. Today, I feel like talking. Really! I stayed up late reading last night, and am kind of sleepy. It is kind of quiet here, since babes are sleeping. I'm chatting to you to keep myself from putting my head on the table and crashing!

Today is supposed to be the first day of baseball in my house!. Jedi boy has his first "real" baseball practice~as opposed to Tball in previous years. I hope he likes it...he is a little anxious.

I am feeling a bit blue in my heart for Princess Leia. Her paternal grandfather has died, and she will find out from her dad this evening. I know she is going to be upset, because she has only gotten to meet and know him in the past year, and really enjoyed him. His home is about 10

I have a training for my work later tonight, so I will be leaving Mr. Snippity in charge of all the shuffling kids, dinner, and getting ready for bed time. I hope he's up to the task! (I am prepping the meal stuff for him, so all he has to do is warm it up, so it should be easier.)

For classwork, I should be doing some work...but I am procrastinating, as usual. I have worked ahead most of the semester, but am at the point where I slow down. Fortunately, the class I am taking does not require any papers this semester! I have until tomorrow night to finish the labwork...and I haven't started yet. It better not be too complicated!!! (I' m not going to worry about that so much...they have been easy all along, and I don't think that is going to change...)

For church, I am working on a mission project, and I need to make a powerpoint presentation for Sunday to solicit helpers for the project. So why am I still here rambling? I think I'm using this post to gather my thoughts and action plans...thanks for helping!

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