Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm on my way!

If you are reading this around noontime on Friday 3/27...then I am probably just arriving for a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. I'm going as a chaperone with some sweet middle school age gals from a church youth group. (one of which is my Princess Leia). Cinderella gets to go sleep over with her Granny, and the Jedi boy is going to have some quality time with Mr. Snippity.

Hopefully these gals don't want to be too pranky, because I might have to show them a thing or two. I've been on quite a few overnight trips with my peer group, and, well, lets just suffice it to say: band camp wasn't THAT long ago :) One highlight of a particular high school trip (not band camp): Someone in the girls room (* blink blink with innocence*) snuck into the boys room and took all their toilet paper. And tissues. They didn't notice until one of them was in dire need. The funny part happened when they had to come ask to borrow ours... Sorry Jeremy ;) school band.

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Carol said...

Glad to see you are blogging again! Sounds like you are having a great weekend. Enjoy it-you deserve it!

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