Saturday, March 7, 2009

Early Morning Scenario

Princess Leia has a trip planned for Saturday(Today). She has a friend stay over so that friend can go with her. Departure time: 4:45 am from our home(being picked up in van).

Miss Snippity (me!) has to wake up at 4 am to get those girls out of bed. I will have the world know before we go any farther...I am NOT a morning person. So this whole thing is a stretch for me. As soon as they are up and starting to get ready, I head to the kitchen, where I whipped up a big homemade breakfast because Princess Leia asked for eggs and bacon. And, in order to make sure those girls didn't have empty, rumbly tummies I made a batch of pancakes. Homemade. (Really yummy!!!). (And I was out of bread, so I had to do something, and now that I think about it, there was a whole pack of english muffins I could have used...argh...oh well) Breakfast is ready on the table at 4:28 am. I was patting myself on the back, cause I was on-time. The girls come to the table. The first thing out of Leia's mouth is "Mom do you have anything besides eggs, because 'my friend' doesn't like eggs!" I usually ask the friends before I cook if they like whatever it is. This friend has stayed before, and I was sure I've cooked eggs for her before, so I didn't ask this time. It was so hard not to come back with an answer, well, that was SNIPPITY! I'm thinking...there's pancakes and bacon on the plate, that is something else! But I didn't say that! You would have been proud to see how nice I was :) I offered some yogurt and extra pancakes with a smile. The friend ate plenty, and Princess Leia took the eggs all for her own.

Of course, Princess Leia wasn't totally ready...and had some to the table without fixing her hair, and didn't pack her 'entertainment bag' last night like I told she wasn't quite ready when the van got here. They had to wait a couple of minutes for her...if she had only listened to her momma!

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smartbutnotwise said...

hmmmm thats kinda how I felt trying to get a certain someone out of bed to go to class..........I wonder who that would be?!?!?! I'm proud of you for being nice........8o)

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