Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A blast

The Great Wolf Lodge was a blast. A little on the expensive side, yes, but a huge blessing to go have some fun. Next time, I will take a one piece bathing suit, instead of the tankini...going down slides and such causes some concern with the bottoms! Fortunately I don't think anyone could see under the water! The girls were not too wild and crazy...just one girl (not my kid thank goodness!) who was rude to one of our waiters at IHOP...I don't think she realized it, though. Our waiter was very olive complected and his name was Ali. This girl, very loudly, asked "are you from Japan?". We (as in the chaperones and most of the other girls) were stunned! He took it well, and gave her 2 more chances to get it right (she never did, she guessed France and Saubi Ababia...yes, she really said it like that)(What are they teaching kids these days?) He was from Usbekistan(russia). We turned it into a fun moment by telling him to ask her if she was from Mexico (If you saw her, you'd be pretty sure she was not). Anyway, he had an interesting family story that he was able to share through this dialogue. So anyway, we all had a blast, and were pretty dog-gone tired by the end of Saturday.

I've rushed through the rest of the weekend, and into Monday. I've really been craving fried chicken. I got inspired last night and was going to cook som for myself. In the process, I made my kitchen a huge greasy mess, and all I can smell in here is blackened chicken, because I burnt it to a crisp! My family had a last minute meal of McDonald's, sincetheir ususally patient and perservering mommy(yeah, right) was pretty upset with the thought of cooking after that.

Today, I've had the opportunity to run back over to Harris Teeter for a few more triple coupon sale adventures. I also went last Thursday night. I was fairly pleased with my deals this time around...and cannot wait until the next triples sales!

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