Monday, March 16, 2009

Nap time

Something unusual happened to me yesterday.

Normally, parts of this would have been a good thing. Except this time, it wasn't.

After church, I had to go pick up Cinderella, who had spent the night with her Granny. We ate lunch, and then headed home. As I was driving back , and got about 5 minutes from home, my head started the beginning of a migraine. When I get to the house, I tell Mr. Snippity about my head and tell him I am going to take meds and rest for a bit. None of that is so unusual...right? Who wouldn't love a Sunday afternoon nap???

Here's the unusual part: No one disturbed me! Not one peep from any of the 4 people that normally slam doors, stomp around, fuss and just can't make do without my input for more than a couple of minutes. I never dreamed that would happen, so I didn't bother to set an alarm. Cinderella finally caved in and came to ask me to fix her some juice at 5:15!!! I had a 3 hour undisturbed nap!

Of course, I was supposed to be at a Bible study at 5 I missed it!

I was quite restless when it came time for bed, and I didn't sleep well the rest of the night either, so I had some punishment in addition to missing the study. :(

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