Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reflections-5 years

I've read on several blogs recently that have the theme of advice to your younger self. I think that it is an interesting idea, and I think I will try it. I'll have to do mine in small increments, though. Spread the joy, right?

Advice to myself, 5 years ago: (2004-ish)

Don't spend that money on worthless is not worth the time! Pay debts instead.
When visitors overstay their welcome while you are in the hospital laboring with your 3rd child, tell them to leave!
Backup your hard drive frequently or go ahead and print those are going to wish you had!
That new couple you are going to see around at soccer games...definately get to know them! (and she did, great friends now, btw! yay!)
Don't forget to water the veggies (that is advice I need every year:)
It is PPD...don't wait, just take the meds!
Pray more! Keep your faith strong, and you will not be let down.

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