Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laundry Conspiracy

I think the piles of dirty clothes in my hampers have been formulating a plan to take over the world...beginning with my house! Keep an eye on your laundry...it may have been talking to mine!

Yes, I said hampers, plural. There are 5 of us that live here! (and then there's the childcare:)One in each bedroom, plus 4 sorting bins in the laundry room. Usually the bins in the utility room and bedrooms aren't full at the same time...it's kind of a "staging area" thing. And does anyone have any good tips on how to teach the clothes to put themselves away when they are finished with their attack?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It is a conspiracy! My laundry is also taking over my house! What will we do if this continues throughout the island?!

Mommy B said...

I think this goes for dust bunnies at my house

Anonymous said...

You keep those dust bunnies on the south end, Mommy B! I'm already starting to think that the dishes are conspiring with the laundry...it will be an all out coup before we know it!

Mommy B said...

My dirty dishes are under control - it's the clean ones I'm worried about. I have tooooo many and they are now in every cupboard, shelf and in the pantry. I'll even admit to having them *gasp* in the spare oven :(

I bet they're half rabbit - I don't remember actually buying that many?!

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