Monday, November 3, 2008

We get out the door to

go to soccer. Mr. Snippity left first with the ace soccer player, to get her there in time to warm up. I followed up (on time, not as usual) a few minutes behind him. He calls me when I am about 5 minutes away from the field. "There's been a mix-up". The game was not scheduled at 2 pm, but at 4 pm. Lovely, right? So, there's some shopping I wanted to do while I was in that vicinity. So, I took the two youngest ones (against my inner desires, but out of love and compassion for Mr. Snippity~there is no playground at the soccer complex). I spent about 4 minutes in the store, and couldn't take it any longer. We got in the car and drove. My baby girl fell asleep, and I kept driving. We ended up far enough north that the road ended, and saw a pretty cool park. Then we had to turn around and come back. My son and I enjoyed some great conversation, and found a good field trip idea for his boys' church group.

By the way, green lost the game 4-0...but they played really well. I was especially proud because 3 of our team ended up being out, and we had no extra players. One of our girls was even already injured(not severely) and played anyway. The other team had 4 or 5 extras to sub in.

My kid played defender and goalie.
This is one random kicking shot. I have about 20 of these from this game.

In this next shot, she was trying to block a penalty kick. Apparently the girl who had been goalie for the first half of the game forgot she wasn't goalie and accidentally reached out and blocked the ball...while in the box. Penalty kick with my kinda short, kinda slow girl as goalie. I was cringing inside, because 'mom' sense told me it wasn't going to end well.

At least she went for it with all she had. And so, ends our soccer adventures for 2008. YEAH!!!

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