Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Meal Baskets

I worked recently with a group to plan and prepare Thanksgiving Meal Baskets for several families in need. We assembled them over the weekend, so that they could be delivered. My heart was truly opened to see how much people in my community care for each other.

When I was first approached about this project I said, without hesitating :"SURE! That sounds like a GREAT idea!". then, I started second guessing...What was I thinking???? Am I prepared for this? I don't think I can do this...Would we get enough donations? I've never done anything like this before...Would I ask for the right things...would people think I was asking for too much? Was I planning for enough to fill the needs? After a few days of stressing out, I really just decided to turn it over to God, because this wasn't really up to me. And, what do you know, He took care of everything(as usual...why did I waste time with worry?!)

We (the group assembling), did not know who the baskets were for...but it did not matter to the people who donated items. Our group had planned on buying the turkeys, and asking for donations for the rest of the needed items. As it turns out, we had turkeys donated as well as everything else! I had people asking over and over what else they could bring, even after I had gotten committments for everything on our list...we were so blessed! I pray that the families that get our gifts will be blessed by them as much as we were.

This week I will use my blog to post about things I am thankful for. I am sure there is no way that I'll remember to list everything, but I'll at least hit the major ones.

I am grateful that my family has so much! God has provided for us even when we didn't know how certain things were going to get done. During this year, we have been able to donate items, time and money to many worthy needs. We may have gone without some wanted things, but we've had all we needed and then some.

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