Friday, November 7, 2008

Kudos to Kodak

I purchased a kodak all-in-one printer in January of this year. (It was a really good deal, too!). This past couple of weeks, I was having some printing issues. At first, I was out of black ink. So I get some. Then I ran out of the color ink. I got a new pack of that too. Then my black will not print. We did all the calibrating & printhead cleaning and troubleshooting you can do. I thought maybe I bought a bum cartridge. I got another one & it still didn't work. So, I call customer support. I was dreading it so much. We all know how support services are anymore, right? So, I call. And I had to push a few digits to tell them what kind of trouble I was having. Then, with no hold, I was connected to an agent. AND I think English was his native language! I think he may have even actually been in America. (I should have asked). He asked me to push a few buttons on the printer, describe the problem and give him some numbers from the printer. Then, without putting me on hold, or reading from some ridiculous script...he told me they were sending me a new part. Something simple that we can fix on our own. At no charge! Also, for my trouble, they will include a new color and black ink cartridge. I must say, I already liked my printer, but I am also thrilled with the customer service. Too bad more companies aren't this good.

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