Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful, part 3

I know these thankful posts are not exactly the most well-organized articles ever, but things seem to just come spilling out. There are so many other things that am thankful for! The community where I live is far from perfect, but it is a great place. It is safe and very, very beautiful. As a teenager, it was easy to complain that it was a boring place. But as an adult, I see the pleasure of this place in a new way. God did some amazing things when He created the Earth...and I get to see spectacular examples of that all the time. I am glad to be a resident of a free country. In my country, my family is not considered wealthy. I don't know all the statistics...but I'm guessing we'd be on the upper side of 'low income'. However, we have a home, two cars and plenty of clothes. We have electricity and running water. That puts us ahead of so many others in our world. Recently I met a missionary who had been to India. She told us things she had seen, and it broke my heart. I am thankful for having my basic needs met, and that I do not have to scrounge daily through garbage just to find my next meal. I thank God that I have not become a drug addict, alcoholic, or worse. I am a capable, loving woman who is able to nuture her family and loved ones. I am glad I am able to know my Lord and follow His plans for me.

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