Sunday, November 2, 2008

Soccer Tournament

This weekend is a soccer spectacle in my town. Okay, just at the soccer field 20 minutes from my house :)

It is the tournament time for the county's parks & recreation teams. We played two games yesterday...our team (green...3rd seed going into the tournament) beat the blue team(seed 5) in round one. Then we had to play the yellow team (seed 2) and won again! While our games were going on, our we had friends playing on the next field. They were pink (seed 4) who beat red(seed5). but then pink lost to white(seed1) in game 2. This was single elimination, so now we play the white team (seed 1). If you are reading this on Sunday at 2-3 pm Eastern Standard Time, we are at the fields playing now! Personally, I don't think our team will win...I want them to, but they've got a few disadvantages. Two of our players are not going to be able to play, and that leaves us with one sub who only shows up sporadically. The rumored good news is, one of the team parents owns a limo company(or something like that). After the game, win or lose, they are going to drive the girls to a pizza place in a limo after the game. We'll see about that...but wish us luck!

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