Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More thankfulness

I touched on how thankful I am for my family. Even though I don't think many if any of them read here, I'll still send love to my extended family. There are lots of blended families on my family tree, and surprisingly it works fairly well. I am grateful for all those that support me, and have shown me guidance, even when I do (and did) not realize they were doing it.

After my family(and in some cases before family) I am so blessed with wonderful friends. My friends mean so much to me. I do not make friends very easily, as I seem to be a quiet sort when I am around people I do not know well. I wish my 'old school' friends didn't live so far away. I miss them. Of course, I can hardly find time to spend with the friends that are here...so it's not like I'd see them that much more often. I remember one instance about 6 years ago of using a 'phone a friend' at 6 am, to help ease my burden about a big decision that was made that day. She didn't even complain to me, and she's not an early bird. Thanks, friend! And to all those friends, I love you, man!


Fishy Girl said...

I couldn't agree more. Family and friends help ease our burden during the bad times and are there to celebrate with us during the good.

Anonymous said...

How sweet.

We are thankful for you and all that you do for our children.

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