Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today, our church celebrated Sanctity of Life Sunday. For most, this topic brings thoughts of abortion to mind. However, this means more than just unborn babies. Be respectful of every life. God loves us matter our wordly position. That scruffy old guy you see walking the street? The rich & famous teenage singers? The young murderer sitting in a prison? The alcoholic father who is just barely hanging on to sanity? The obnoxious customer in front of you in the checkout line? God loves them, too. All life is precious...don't overlook people. We all sin. It is easy to look past the ones you are uncomfortable being around, but every life deserves love. Help them if you can.

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Anonymous said...

What a great post. I have often thought and said this very thing myself and have always gotten frustrated when churches celebrate the sanctity of life by focusing solely on abortion. While that is, of course, a large is so much valuing the lives of our senior citizens, Britthaven ministry, prison ministry...

I could go on and on :)

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