Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are you sure it is winter?

My thermometer outside says 69.6 degrees. It is windy, yes. I love that part! Wind is why I think the fall is my favorite season. I love to get out on the sand and listen to the waves crash while the wind is whipping your hair in every which direction. The kiddos and I had a ton of fun time playing outside this morning. It's been a while since we've been able to do that, because of wind, rain, cold, etc...we've had to be content to grab a few minutes here and there as possible.
The sun graced us for part of that time. However, in the course of these few minutes spent since I started typing, it is pouring rain!

I wrote on my FB page that I was listening to the dishwasher (exciting life that I lead, huh?). Now I can't hear the dishwasher over the sound of rain. And just in case you are wondering...I am happy to hear the dishwasher, because the dishes were about to conquer the kitchen!

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Fishy Girl said...

Miss Snippity, I was also enjoying a day as I went to work. As I was leaving from one jobsite to another, I was engulfed in a deluge that made me think I had been transported back in time to Noah's Ark. Driving from KDH to Manteo was no fun in that mess. I also did not enjoy looking like a drowned rat for my next student. YUCK!

I am glad you and the kids were able to enjoy the day.

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