Saturday, September 20, 2008

So much for that plan

I had planned to spend a few minutes this morning, relaxed and snuggled deep under my comforter. Asleep for at least an hour past my normal wake up time. It didn't happen. My baby girl came to visit, then left. Okay, I can handle that. Roll over go back to sleep. Then, my oldest and her sleepover fried are outside on the porch, somehow locked out. That was the end of any relaxation I had. I rushed to get quickly dressed to let them in(see what it the world they are doing). I get to the door, and they are not there. I walk around the kids. So I walk to the street. I don't see them, for about 3 minutes. It's early, so I wanted to be kind to my neighbors this early on the weekend. I waited until they got inside to fuss. Oh , yeah, they got a good lecture. Now, I'm still irate. Go figure.

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