Friday, September 5, 2008

I missed tasty Thursday :(

I didn't bake yesterday. I didn't have time to come up with anything really yummy. I cooked several things, but nothing spectacular. Breakfast was bagels & fruit. Lunch was baked chicken breast, pasta salad and some fruit & veggies. Snack was pretzel crackers. Dinner for the family was spaghetti. I spent lots of time in the kitchen, but not having fun. It felt too much like a chore to cook yesterday.

Hopefully next week, I'll be on a more happy baking spree. Any idea what to make?

Have you ever thought you were maybe trying to do too much? I have been feeling this way occasionally. Then, I'd get mostly caught up and be fine again. Well, adding these two college classes may be pushing me over the edge again! Like I have said before, they are not intellectually difficult...but man, they eat up time like crazy! Read, read, read...papers papers. What was I thinking? Oh, wait...I get $$ incentives to improve my level of education. And more education = higher rating for my business. I guess it is worth it. Not to mention, I might actually learn something (that is the most important).

Please, please pray that I will learn to get my time management working well for me! I love taking care of my family, but at busy times like this, they need to step up and take more control of the things as they are able. Also, throw a prayer in there for my family to be willing and loving in taking more responsibility for themselves. That could be extremely useful.


Apple said...

I'm obviously not "there" yet with my family...Z isn't going to be doing chores anytime soon.

But, have you thought of doing a chore chart for you two older ones? You can offer incentives like movie night if they do their chores all week and you could even give Av a few to make her feel like a big girl. #1 is old enough to help significantly with laundry and #2 could help set the table for dinner or sweep the floors after daycare empties out.

Like I said, that's offering advice that I'm not experienced in ... but I've heard that it works :)

snippity1 said...

Thanks Apple.
I have been thinking the same thing myself. My kids already do have some chores...they are responsible for putting away their own clothes (except #3, who only does her socks, panties, pajamas and shoes so far)and straightening their rooms. #1 has to clean her bathroom some, and they all have to help feed/water the pets. But it is easy for them to 'forget' to do stuff. I spend so much time fussing wiht them because they don't want to do it. It is not a well oiled machine. :-) If I had it in writing, there would be no more forget excuse, anyway...and maybe it could be a more positive encouragement tool for them. Thanks!

smartbutnotwise said...

I am right there with you sister. Why is it that "mom will do it" seems to be the common thought among the spouse and offspring? I know E is big enough to help with chores, but honestly I don't let her b/c it will either be done too slowly for my time contraints or not up to my standards, then that makes twice the work for me. In our fundraiser stuff from school there is a responsibility chart. I've been thinking about ordering it(it's kung fu panda, so i don't really like that butif it would work....)I plan on stopping by the school supply store down the road and seeing if they have one I could use for the whole family. The key that we all forget and get slack on is consistency. Having the chart is one thing, it's just following thru with witholding the reward when they don't do their part. Apple, don't worry it won't be long and you'll be an expert like me and snippity lol ;o)

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