Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heading off into uncharted waters...

We are getting ready to do something drastic. We are having our cable television disconnected. The reasons are several, hopefully the benefits are much more. I am tired of my kids zoning out in front of mindless programming. I am tired of having to be the TV police with them as well. The cost is high, in dollars and in quality time wasted. This will help us in our goal to pay down some debts. We also will have more time to do family things, or alone things that require creativity or imagination. I stay up late to 'finish' watching shows that I really do not care about.

Have you ever done anything like this? Please comment to give me any insight into how wonderful (or terrible) this is going to be!

I've not gone entirely off the deep end, as I am keeping the internet. We will be able to check news & weather whenever we want. We also have a daily delivery of a newspaper, so we won't be entirely cut off from civilization. During the day, I don't turn it on for the little kids, except on rare occasions. They will have to make do with a DVD at times. I leave the tv on sometimes just for background noise, but I do have radio and cd's, plus streaming music from the internet.

We can do this!!!
I'm worried that my husband will suffer without the speed channel :)


Mommy B said...

Don't worry, your husband won't be suffering once he sees the money you're saving!!

Apple said...

We cut ours off for awhile and then returned to dish network. That was just our personal choice...my hubby didn't do the budget, so the saved money made no difference to him...but either way, you'll do fine.

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