Saturday, September 13, 2008


How is it that the weekends are so crazy? Even though I feel like we didn't have much on the 'to do' list, we've been on the go all day. Yes, Apple, we went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a whole other post to itself! Here''s my play-by-play:

  • wake up to the cats demanding some breakfast
  • My baby girl (age 4) had crawled in my bed and tried to take my spot
  • cook breakfast
  • get oldest kid to soccer practice
  • forbid oldest kid to have a sleepover tonight, because her attitude sucked so bad before soccer practice
  • throw a few loads of laundry on
  • wash yesterdays dishes
  • make a list for walmart
  • decide not to waste a trip as far as walmart, so we decide to go to the pool on the way
  • pack a bag for the pool, with changes of clothes for later
  • shower so I can shave legs before being at a public pool
  • play at the pool (Awesome today!)
  • eat lunch on the pool deck (domino's..and it was good!)
  • get ready to go shopping from the pool
  • realize I forgot to pack my bra to change into. NOT GOOD, so I get to wear my bathing suit slightly damp under my shirt
  • go browse a bit at home depot (and dind't buy anything~it's a noteworthy accomplishment)
  • shop walmart
  • head home
  • scoop cat poop
  • watch nanny 911 and thank God my kids aren't THAT bad

Now I am wasting time on the computer before I get to figure out what to fix my family for supper, and they don't know what they want! Thanks for bearing with my day. There are still quite a few things to be done before we can sleep.

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