Thursday, August 7, 2008

Homemaker me

Today, I am trying my hand at a couple of homemade goodies.
First we have cinnamon rolls...

It took a few steps, and I made a bit of a mess...but they look promising. They are doing their final rise.

Then we have the homemade yogurt.
I'll have to tell you more about it after I finish, because this was kind of a stretch for me. If you want to try it before my results are in, you can go to Money Saving Mommies to get the "how to".

Hopefully, these work out sucessfully. I can see doing this kind of thing more often.
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Chelle Nicole said...

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!

Came across your blog randomly! You look like a busy woman! Keep up the good work-

God Bless you!

Mommy B said...

I am so proud of you I think I am going to burst - right on!!

How did it turn out anyway?

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