Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boston Cream __________

Boston Cream Pie Toaster Strudel.

I would tell you how delicious they are, but my mouth is full....mmhmm, mmahm...ok.

I LOVE Bostom Cream doughnuts. When I was pregnant with my oldest child, everyday on my lunch break at work, I would have a somewhat healthy lunch, then it would get topped off with a Boston Cream doughnut and a 12oz Dr. Thunder (Wal*Mart Dr. Pepper). I know, not the best thing, but still, I had to. Even now, definately NOT pregnant...I get random doughnut cravings and send Mr. Snippity down to the 7-11 once in a while to grab the goodies. (He doesn't usually mind, because he grabs a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for himself, in case you were wondering.) Of course, this would be after the kids go to sleep, because if they were awake, they might *know* and then I might have to share or something crazy like that! (No Way!)

So...I've been trying to be good and buy healthier options, and avoiding tons of processed foods, but the grocery store had a HUGE tag that jumped into my sight when I was walking away from the frozen vegetables. And once I saw it, there was no going back. I hid the box under some healthy stuff in the freezer , so once again the kids won't see it and I wouldn't have to share!


Apple said...

You crack me up! At times, I feel so guilty for hiding the goods from the kids...and then I start scarfing it down and the guilt gets washed away by a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Bye, bye, guilt!!

Chelle Nicole said...

I completely relate to the 'not sharing' thing. Sometimes...I just want my food to be MY food! Funny huh? All of the food you show looks SO yummy! Your family is lucky to have you!

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