Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Stewards

Usually when you hear this, it is a preacher telling you to tithe, right? Well, yesterday our sermon was one in a series of stewardship lessons, this one using Matthew 22:15-22.

This really spoke to me yesterday because of some struggles I've encountered lately. We should "give Caesar what is Caesar's, and give God what is God's". I've never really focused on this verse, but it is amazing how clearly it spoke to my heart. The things that are God's are what? Everything! My life was given to me by God, and everything in my life was given to me by God. Therefore I shouldn't hold anything back from him! I'm sure I've heard this concept for a long time, but this time it really "clicked" with me today. I need to give it ALL to him, and not hold back on the things that I "think" I can take care of myself. You know, stuff we think we are good at and don't need help with. So, dear Lord...I give it all back to you to take care of and to guide me. Show me moment by moment what it is that you would have me to do with my life. Let me be a good steward of the life You have given me, and to use my strengths and weaknesses to glorify you. Thank You Lord!

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