Monday, December 1, 2008 did I miss 3 days?

I thought I had posted more recently than Thursday. I guess those posts were all in my head! Too bad I don't remember what I wrote! I missed a Tasty Thursday or two. I hear your cries of disappointment. I will be back on track for that this week...pinky promise! I used that phrase with my 12 year old over the weekend, and she looked at me like I had grown a second head or something. I can't imagine that she thinks I am weird. When I was 12, did I do that to my mom? Probably...we don't have to remember all that stuff just now.

Happy December to you all! We are on the Christmas countdown here, but I haven't even gotten any of my decorations out yet. I did buy one new thing at the Home Depot yesterday. It is still in the box. I am a bit concerned about a rambunctious (but sweet) boy, and a very inquisitive baby girl that hang out with me during the day. Between the kids and the cats, I will be busy rescuing decorations all month long! I think that means we should start putting up the outside decor first!


Fishy Girl said...

We haven't put up our decorations yet either. This year with the economy like it is, I am having a harder time getting in the Christmas spirit. It doesn't help that my 12 year old is constantly testing my boundaries. Grrr!

Anonymous said...

Surely you jest...a rambunctious boy?! Who in the world could that be??

Today, I was getting ready for work and said to husband "Z's getting into trouble." (He had the toilet paper wrapped around his body about three times.) Husband looks at me and says "When is he NOT getting into trouble?" And the toilet paper continued to unroll. :)

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