Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to self & what to get?

I feel so much more like my normal self today! I'm sure my family is very relieved, I know I am. So, now...I've got to get some shopping done before Christmas passes me by! We've decided to get 3 gifts for each of our children. Of course, Santa will bring a surprise in addition to that. One might get a really nice dictionary (insert eveil chuckle here :), but I am lost as for the rest of it. Especially my Dad & stepmother. Argh. I also need to some up with a plan for some of Mr. Snippity's extended family that we aren't really close to (but exchange gifts with). Last time we made a family movie night gift that included a DVD, popcorn and snacks for the family with teenage boys, and a soup collection for an older couple (matching bowls, filled with soup starter packets & some other goodies). Any good ideas out there that don't cost a fortune? Besides a gift card? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Oops...got carried away... Thanks!


Fishy Girl said...

smore's kit? movies passes?

blue_butterfly said...

hi there, i think when buying a gift, think not what you want to give to someone, but think what that person means to you and you will find an item that will tell it. it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, plus a heartfelt note attached to it, will surely warm their hearts.
have a happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

bowling passes? movie tickets? homemade jelly? lottery tickets?

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