Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So the tree is up!

Mr. Snippity decided he'd had enough of messing with the original tree. The cats kept climbing it, and tipped it over once. The plastic stand part was broken, and the tree would have to lean back a bit against the wall. Luckily, it had not yet been decorated. So, on Sunday after church, he went shopping. When I got home from visiting my Granny, it was done. I now have a 4 foot tree with fiber optic lights and regular lights on top of my entertainment center. I think it looks kind of weird. I don't think a photo could even do it justice.

Put it this way. It involved cutting holes in the top of the entertainment center. I was told that I could cover the hole with a decorative item after the tree comes down. ??? I never loved that cabinet anyway...it is a hand me down from the inlaws. Maybe I can work on getting a new one in the new year! I will say that the cats haven't messed with the tree yet.

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Fishy Girl said...

I understand your pain. My youngest daughter insisted that her tree needed to be blue...BLUE!!!! It is different to say the least.

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