Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Thursday...what should I cook?

I am at a loss for baking ideas today. I was thinking maybe a cheesecake...but then I think I'd probably eat it all up! Suggest something good, and I'll see if I can try it before the night is over.

The oldest has a band concert tonight, and that is always, well, let's call it interesting.

I finally got started on my shopping yesterday. I bought an outfit for the oldest. Great bargain, too. At regular price it would have been about $55. I bought it for $15 (on sale and $10 store coupon). I helped my Granny pick gifts for two of my children. She got pretty good deals as well. I have made a list for the rest, just have to find time to get out and shop a bit more. I am still considering ideas for those two family units I have to figure out. I am going to look into movie passes for the one family, as they have teenagers. The other, older couple I still am debating. As many of you pointed out, making stuff is awesome, and I like to do it. I will try to be a little more crafty with their gift. As a matter of fact, I have 6 other gifts to make that I am excited about. I won't spoil the surprise by posting it here...just know that if you have a little girl that I usually gift, I am making the gift this year! Now, I just have to go get the supplies!!! I still have time...

The project I was stressing over a few posts back has been graded. I got an A. I also finished out both my classes with A's. Yay me. At least it is finished!

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