Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tasty Thursday 12-4-08

Spritz Cookies

I just finished taking this practice batch of yummy, buttery goodies out of the oven, and they sit on the rack to cool. I used to have a cookie press, but I have no clue where it is. I begged around to all my friends to find a cookie press...and I got a good one! I was indefinately loaned one of the Pampered Chef presses. I like it a lot. I even used their cookie dough recipe, included in the package.(And it is yummy...I've sampled!) I sprinkled these wreaths and trees with green sugar, and I am going to find a recipe for some icing to make bows and ornaments with.

Next, I get to make the 'for real' batches to bag and send to the school bake sale.
At least this year, I am sending them on the correct week. Last year, I was stressed out, and sent my cookies a week early. I'm told they were sold to the teachers and staff...and still helped the PTA at least. Only this year, I have 2 children in school and one grade brings muffins and the other brings cookies. I'll be making muffins after the cookies!
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