Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing babies

One of the daycare children is going to have a baby sister very soon! The mom is scheduled for a c-section next week. That translates into lots of baby talk at my house! For a few weeks, the kids have been wearing babies in their shirts, having doctor visits, and taking good care of their babies. Today, we even had ultrasounds to check and make sure their babies were healthy!
In my childcare, I let the children direct most of our playtime topics...and I just ask a few open-ended questions here and there to get their brains clicking. I introduce more words that correlate to what they are playing, and they are like little sponges. So much fun! And as much as I enjoy these older kids...I still can't wait for the new baby to get here!

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Anonymous said...

J said last night "My baby is sick and she is going to see Dr. Carlee tomorrow."

Good little mommy!

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