Wednesday, January 13, 2010

going along

Things are good...

I mentioned car troubles in a recent post. Let me give you an update. Mr. Snippity has started the time consuming major repairs to his car. I think the parts so far are in the $500 range. I think his car will be out of order for at least two weeks while he does the work in his spare time. My van: the mechanic FINALLY came out, and found that I was low on some fluid, that there was some sort of a leak and air was getting it was going to need repair. It is not a safety issue and doesn't have to be done right away. However, since he added the fluid, there has been no more noise! I think we have found our short term solution! But, I had to get my yearly state inspection and I had to buy new tires. It is no fun spending money right after Christmas on something so boring! But, I like my driving freedom, and I want my passengers to be safe, so it wasn't that much of a sacrifice. Except now my bank account is empty.

But I said things are good! They are! Our family life has been very satisfying. We do have a teenager, so it is not all peaches & cream...but we are all spending time together, playing games together, and just really enjoying each other most of the time. Jedi boy & Cinderella have been best friends and are so sweet. Last night, they dried and put away dishes(not anything they have ever done before). This morning, they left me a three stage scavenger hunt, complete with handdrawn maps. They had made a very colorful love note for me as the treasure, thanking me for several things. I love those little darlings!

My classes have started again. Two courses this semester. So far, they are much more organized and should not be as much of a headache as last semester...even though I think they will require more actual work. I'm grabbing my books and reading in spare moments. Usually when the daycare kids are resting is the easiest time to do reading. I'll have to carve out some evening time to complete projects, but it should work ;)

If you have read this far...I'm impressed. I think of so many things to write on this blog, but by the time I get to physically write them down, the ideas are gone! I was never very good at keeping a diary or journaling either! I've typed all this out quickly, in the time that is has taken for 4 kids to eat breakfast. Time's up! Gotta go!

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