Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby & more

My newest client was born on Monday! A baby girl! All is well.

Also, one of my BFF's called today with her great #3 is in her future. :) Her youngest is 6, so she is in for a nice re-adjustment time.

I have gotten so spoiled with homemade pancakes. I have been using Money Saving Mommies recipe ever since she posted it. However, my grandma brought me a box of mix to use the other day. I used it to make breakfast earlier this week. Compared to homemade, they were so gross! Really, they were fine, I long as there was lots of syrup. With the homemade mix, the pancakes are slightly sweet, and I usually eat mine without syrup. I'll finish the box of mix (waste not...), but I can't wait to get back to the homemade!

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Mommy B said...

Yay! a satisfied customer! Love ya doll!!!

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