Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One thing left

I have one assignment left to do for my college class this semester. It is to post on the discussion board our 'final analysis' of the class. So far, I have hesitated to post my feedback. Why? Because every other person has posted only postivie remarks. This class has seriously stunk...and this professor has been the most scattered and unorganized I've ever had. It is an online class, and so I only know one person from my class 'in real life'. Her experience has not been good either.

One problem has been the due dates. They have changed several times during the semester. When I've emailed her with questions, she pretty much sends the exact copy of the assignment information, without clarification. I have turned assignments in and she has not given us any feedback about how we did, other than a number grade. I have had to remind her to post grades for some of my work, and for others I have had grades come up on the chart for things I had not turned in yet. Major projects had components posted in 3 or 4 different places, with the details varying from place to place. I am concerned that if I put the truth out there, some of my grades might disappear or change, or I will get a bad grade on this assignment, which could be the difference between an A or B for me.

So, are all these other people lying? Should I only look for the positive? We have an anonymous survey that we turn in to administration at the end of the semester, so I have an avenue to give that feedback. What to do?

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smartbutnotwise said...

Make a cookie statement. Start out with one positive (the cookie) then tactfully give one of your negative [(i.e. about the grades being posted b4 an assignment turned in) the cream] then another positive (the other cookie). That way there's a little of both without it looking like you are dogging the class and/or teacher. Then let it rip on the anonymous survey. You know not everyone is posting the whole truth if you are afraid your grades might change, which I think would be on the illegal side.............

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