Monday, December 28, 2009

December catch-up

December has made a hasty journey through our home! It has been a busy month. It seems like every gathering or party, performance, etc... had to be scheduled in the beginning of the month so no one would have conflicts with Christmas gatherings. So many, that these things were conflicting with one another. Just when you thought things would settle down, right?

We had a Children's Christmas program, Middle school Band concert, Adult Choir Cantata(plus rehersals), Elementary school PTA, my network of providers 'party'(I missed this), slide show presentation I had to put together for church, 2 grades' class parties to prepare for, Children's field trip to see lights, 3 'official' family gatherings and countless other activities. Add to this a mission project I was helping with, plus just decorating and shopping for my family get-togethers. I am kind of over the busy-ness of the season. I sure am glad that is not the only reason we celebrate at Christmastime. If the busy things were all we had, that would be a huge letdown. Thank you Lord for Jesus!

We have had some car troubles, with mine, and Mr. Snippity's cars. My car has been making strange noises for weeks. I've mentioned it several times to the MR., but it just is not one of his priorities. It works fine, and I think it should be a simple fix, if he will just get to it. However, on Christmas morning his car would not start. It has made him extremely grumpy. Grumpy McGrump is his name especially this week. This grumpy mood doesn't help anyone else be happy! I will be so glad when this car thing gets straightened out!

The two younger kids have been such a joy these past couple of weeks. I have had time to spend with them one-on-one, and it is sweet. The teenager...well, let's just say she doesn't enjoy my company quite like the little ones.

I've been trying to focus on getting our home a little more organized, a little more decluttered. The trash and recycling bins are full, but there is still so much 'stuff'! I'm going to be continuing this job. As this year winds down, I am going to focus on simplifying our lives as much as I can. I also love the fresh pages of a new calendar...although I am sure they will be filled quickly!

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Mommy B said...

If you come up with a good plan to simplify, let me in on it too

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