Friday, March 15, 2013

Planning Slump

So...I have failed miserably at the last month of meal planning.  I made it almost to the last week of February.  We went out of town for a couple of days, and I totally have not been doing any real planning since then.  I consider a few other things that have taken up my time.  One was finishing out a season of Upward basketball and cheerleading as director.  My kids have hit a slump in school, where they are not completing work without numerous reminders and devoted guidance (and I am having to put so much energy into this! - who knew?).  A few spring-like days have pulled me into doing some outdoor maintenence tasks.  My husband has started his own plumbing company, and this has required me to take time to figure some things out financially and otherwise. I have started a personal journey to train for a 5k race later this spring, and must have time to train.  My daycare has been running at maximum capacity most days, which is nice, except it adds more to the workload.  I need about 14 more hours in a day!!!!!!!! 

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