Friday, February 1, 2013

Resolution and Challenge....Pass or Fail?

I challenged myself to finish out the month without major grocery shopping, and what I did need to be less than $60.  I guess I technically failed. :)  I spent $111 dollars to finish out the month.  But, here is my disclaimer:  I spent less than the $60 on milk and produce.  A couple of things came into play that I did not take into consideration.  My guys had a cake baking contest to enter, that I did not have all the ingredients on hand.  They spent about $10.  Also, Harris Teeter and IGA had a few specials come up for items that are major staples in our home.  I figured it was worth it to fail my challenge to stock up on staple items at lower than my target price. (Pasta sauce, eggs, frozen pizza, and cereal). 

So...overall I think I did pretty good overall. For a family of 4, plus the childcare food, I spent approximately $450 on grocery store food & I still have a pretty full pantry. We will see how it compares to the future spending.

I am not going to give myself a challenge for February spending, but I am going to use some time to evaluate and itemize what kind of food we are spending on, to see where it all goes! 

The Resolution has been easier to maintain...but a new page on the calendar means I need to get busy planning again! 

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