Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daycare Bathroom

I'm still failing at the evening meal planning. (Just in case you care!)  But, I did make time for a craft project today.

I wanted to make some changes to the daycare bathroom, and I thought I might paint the room dark blue.  I changed my mind about painting when I found this cute owl shower curtain on clearance at Target that coordinated with my already yellow walls!

Once I got the curtain up, I felt like the room was still pretty empty.  But I did not want to spend a bunch of money for matchy-matchy accessories.  One friend suggested I paint an owl on the wall. I decided that a canvas would be easier to move and repurpose if (and when) I change my mind again.  Cinderella told me which colors she wanted me to use.  The canvas is 16 x 20, and fills the space nicely.  Now I just need to find just the right something for the opposite side of the room.  There is a plain towel bar on the wall now.  I want something practical...but cute. I may have to search pinterest for some ideas.  This craft was done using paints I already had, so my only real cost was the canvas.

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Joe Robinsmith said...

Looks super awesome. Great idea with the canvas too.

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