Monday, February 1, 2010

Tax time

It is the first day of February! This means tax preparation is in full swing. I spent the weekend sorting paperwork, printing year end statements, and letting Mr. Snippity use the shredder. Now I am ready to take the next step, which is updating spreadsheets for mileage and other things. So few steps to take before I am ready to file! I love the TurboTax product. In fact, I have turned most of my family (mom, granny, aunt, cousin...) into turbo tax filers. Of course, that usually means they ask me to help them do it. But, Turbo tax is so easy, I do not mind at all, as long as they have all their paperwork in order. One of the blogs I like to read is Clever Dude. He is giving away copies of the premier version of turbo tax. I usually use the deluxe version, since it suits my small business needs. however, free is free, so I am blogging about his contest in order to enter it for myself! You can enter if you like by going to CleverDude's blog and following the directions.

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