Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of the mouths and minds of kids...

Yesterday, Jedi boy came to me with a request. I, of course, was doing 3000 hundred things at once, so I wasn't paying him full attention.
Following is the scenario:
JB: Mom, we need to get a shell.
Me: um, what?
JB: We need to buy a magic shell for school.
Me: what?
JB: For school...we need a magic shell.
Me: Ok. Wait, what? A magic shell? I'm thinking*What are you guys doing at that school anyway *
JB: Yes, we need a magic shell, I have a note (shows me the note) you know how to get one?
Me: Ohhhh...I get it now! Magic shell ice cream topping for the ice cream party on Friday.

My poor kids, I have never bought them magic shell before...they don't know what it is...what a tragedy. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm psycho-analyzing the fact that I immediately knew what he was talking about...too many hours in an elementary school?

*have a fantastic day!*

smartbutnotwise said...

lol don't worry mine hasn't had magic shell either......

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