Sunday, February 28, 2010

She ditched me

At our church, we have occasional 'sing n share' nights. Princess Leia and I both play clarinet. She wanted us to play something together, but would never make a choice, nor did she bring home her instrument to practice with me. So...the program is tonight. Of course she wants to wait until the last minute & practice this afternoon. Fine. Then, every song she picks is hard for me to make a transition on certain notes (she picks one in the key of dflat...I'm kind of out-of-practice). I don't have the time to transcribe it to something else. She is unwilling t practice other songs. Finally we come up with 2 that we can pull off, but haven't practiced together. Then she want to run off and practice with her friend "K". So, I've been ditched. I was going to play something on my own, but now she ran off with the instruments (a bass clarinet and a regular clarinet...our extra regular clarinet is broken)...and I cannot practice on my own either. This pretty much stinks. This has been the abbreviated version. There were lots of temper tantrums and stomping around involved.

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