Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was a little late getting up this morning. Something about staying up late trying to beat my husband at the bejeweled blitz game on facebook might be one reason...

Anyway, I got the kiddos out the door to the school bus, and I went straight for the computer (to check my email~not facebook). I was a little bleary-eyed at first, but quickly noticed my mouse was not working. This happens from time to time, because we have a wireless mouse, and we have to recharge the batteries sometimes. I went to check the batteries, and realized the mouse was really a bar of soap. Real, soap! Complete with lines drawn to resemble the real mouse buttons. My wonderful son is responsible for the soap moouse...but the bad part is I cannot find the real mouse! I am so glad I have access to a laptop, so I can get my naptime facebook fix!

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smartbutnotwise said...

LOL that is sooooo funny!!! I wish I had been there!

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