Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Game or no game?

I'm hanging out at home, listening to my oldest whine and complain because I wouldn't let her go to a football game. She even posted it as a status on her facebook.

A little history:

  • She is in 8th grade, but plays in the high school marching band. We go to all their home games, plus competitions and we participate in fund raisers.
  • She plays Parks & recreation soccer...meets 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Her middle school has a football game tonight against their rival school.
  • She has a soccer game at 7:30, so she would have to leave the football game early.
  • She has no money of her own.
  • The friend she was going to ride with was going to be late going to the game.
  • She threw a temper tantrum earlier when I politely requested her to pick up some stuff in her room.
  • more, but not going into details

Therefore..NO game...and I am ruining her life. This teenage thing is lovely.


Anonymous said...

She'll get over it. They always do. It will probably happen about the time she decides she needs food or money.

You're doing good! We've got your back! :)

Mommy B said...

Good move mom! And BTW - my life was NEVER ruined by punishment

  • It takes just a moment to change your attitude. And, in that quick moment, you can change your entire day!