Sunday, August 23, 2009

I used the dishwasher!!!

I surprised my family recently. I loaded the dishwasher & started it! I usually do dishes by hand. If the dishwasher is used, it is because I asked one of the family members to do the dishes.

However, the dishes were in a huge pile and it was late. I went to move some stuff out of the sink to reach the drain plug. The green goo that greeted me was disgusting!!! I figured the only way to clean moldy gunk would be the dishwasher. I got all the nasty stuff in there, and when I found the bottom of the sink, I realized one of my kids had poured their "fruity pebbles" cereal in there. The green stuff was not mold, but a green waterlogged piece of cereal! I laughed at myself so hard.

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