Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dryer woes

I am a weekend laundry warrior! I am home during the days, but it is hard to get to the laundry task while I am working at home. So on the weekends, I play catch-up. Last weekend was especially hard, because a lot of our kids' bedding got dirty with a wetting "accident" 2 times in a row... So...add two more blankets/comforters and sheet sets to the usual pile. I got most of it washed, but the first load through the dryer stopped early, and would not restart. I do not have a clothes line, so I had stuff hanging on the deck rails and the shower curtain rods, plus the small drying rack I have. It was a nightmare...

The Mr. tested everything he could with his special tools & stuff...and he thought he found the problem, yay!!! But then, it wasn't. BOO :( So, he left it there for a while, than came back to try to figure it out again. He found the real problem! Double Yay!!! Except it was Saturday night, and he needed a special part. He called a distant relative that is in the appliance service business. The guy said he would drop the part off on Monday. (ACK!, that long!!! but still). Monday came and went...nothing. So it was supposed to be Tuesday. Guess what? Nothing! I called another family member to inquire about the man. They said he is never very punctual. I was mad that I had not thought to ask about this BEFORE we called the guy.

At this point, I am on the home depot website, dreaming about new super capacity dryers that can hold about 45 pair of jeans & more...

So, Mr. decided to call another guy that lives about 4 houses away...and presto, he left the part at our house while we were out that evening. Sixteen bucks for the part. WAY less money than buying a new dryer. The Mr. got it all back together, and now, I am again a weekend laundry queen. :)

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Mommy B said...

been there, that's why I started using the clothesline - takes a hurricane to make it go 'on the fritz' :)

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